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3D Automatic Optical Inspection

Leading manufacturers of high-end electronics worldwide rely on the S3088 ultra gold inline inspection system from Viscom. This high-throughput 3D AOI solution guarantees the most reliable quality assurance in electronics production. Excellent inspection results from all perspectives
Camera technology: XM
Inspection procedure: 2D, 2.5D, 3D AOI
Megapixels: up to a total of 65
Angled view cameras: 4 megapixel cameras (8 optional)
Orthogonal camera: 8 μm resolution
Field of view size: 40 mm x 40 mm
Inspection speed: up to 50 cm²/s
PCB HANDLING size: 508 mm x 508 mm
S3016: 3D THT Solder Joint Inspection on PCB bottom side

The S3016 ultra is perfectly suited for inspecting SMD, THT and press- fit components as well as selective solder joints from below. THT solder joints, for example, can be precisely inspected in 3D with intelligent, high-throughput inspection technology from Viscom.

S2088 Desktop AOI :

The Viscom S2088 stand alone AOI system offers reliable optical inspection of wave, reflow, pre-reflow and selective soldering.

It has an ergonomic loading area and offers superior resolution for reliable 01005 and fine pitch inspection.

Camera technology: Orthogonal module with angle view modules
Field of view: 57.6 mm x 43.5 mm
Orthographic resolution: 23.5 μm (typical), 11.75 μm (high) switchable
Mega-pixel cameras: 4/8 optional
Speed: Up to 20 – 40 cm²/s
PCB size: Up to 600mm x 457mm (L x W)
S3088 CCI: Conformal Coating Inspection

Orthogonal camera:8M4-105-UV (white and UV LEDs)
Field of view size:38,9 mm x 29,2 mm
Resolution:approx. 15 μm (zoom), approx. 30 μm (standard)
Megapixel cameras:4
Angled view:4 megapixel cameras (UV LEDs)
Field of view size:45.4 mm x 41.3 mm
Resolution:Approx. 17.5 μm
Inspection methods:AOI mit UV LEDs
INSPECTION Speed:Approx. 20–40 cm²
PCB HANDLING dimensions:508 mm x 508 mm

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