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3D Inline Offline X-ray Inspection


X8011-II PCB — 3D X-ray inspection made fast, smart, and economical

The universal X8011-II is designed for the reliable 2D and 3D X-ray inspection of a wide range of high-end electronics: it inspects individual components, assemblies, and even housed components as well as non-electrical components in production, quality assurance, and development.


Closed direct beam tube with 130 kV
Viscom micro-focus open X-ray tube 160 kV high resolution
Viscom micro-focus open X-ray tube 200 kV high resolution
Max. rotation module process area:Horizontal X/Y axis: 350 mm x 430 mm
Vertical Z axis: 290 mm, n x 360°

Inspection processes:2D/3D X-ray inspection
HANDLINGSample change through a motorized window opening 
Sample change through a motorized window opening450 mm x 350 mm (L x W)
 Vertical Z axis: 290 mm
Viscom_Offline X-ray -X8011-II

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