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Laser Marking

The INSIGNUM Series of Laser Marking Systems from ASYS provides a comprehensive line-up of marking solutions that ranges from an offline model to a high-throughput inline system. A choice of lasers, CO2 . Fiber or Green, can be selected to meet the requirements of any application and various materials ranging from PCBs, solder resists, metals, plastics or ceramics

The INSIGNUM 1000 Laser is an inline / offline Marking System which utilizes a CO2 laser for direct marking onto various types of plastics and PCBs. Alternatively the machine can be equipped with a fibre laser for marking other materials e.g. metals.

The INSIGNUM 2000 Laser, the high speed model of the series, can mark up to 20 codes in just 15 seconds (incl. handling and verification) making it an ideal choice for multi-up applications. Options include an integrated flip station for double sided marking and galvo-integrated camera for high-speed verification. The INSIGNUM 2000 Laser Twin is even faster. With an additional laser from below it obtains an improvement of the cycle time by up to 50%.

The INSIGNUM 3000 Laser is a midrange model which can be implemented as a marking island with integrated PCB loading and unloading. This system is especially useful for marking large PCBs of up to 508 mm × 508 mm.

The high-end system of the series is the INSIGNUM 4000 Laser. It utilizes linear motors to offer the highest code resolutions, precision and an impressive cycle time of 4 seconds for handling plus 0.8 seconds for DMC. An integrated flip-station enhances the efficiency of the system even more. INSIGNUM 4000 with OPTIMAP: The unique innovation provided by the OPTIMAP option is that the system can now automatically optimize the X/Y movements to complete the fastest and most efficient way to mark a multi-up panel.

The flexible INSIGNUM 6000 Laser platform implements customer specific requirements in the laser marking field. This includes model variants for double-track solutions,  the processing of large-size PCBs and the marking of e.g. ceramics, plastics and DBC  substrates. Module sizes smaller than 3mil can also be realized. Transport systems and  laser types are individually adapted to the process requirements.


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