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Nozzle Cleaning


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① To clean the dirt completely which ultrasonic is difficult to resolve;
② cleaning will not affect by the smaller and smaller nozzle;
③ The more cleaner, the longer life for nozzle;
④ No damage for the surface of nozzle and baffle-board;
⑤ Adopt environmentally friendly deionized water or distilled water for cleaning;
⑥ Continuous cleaning and drying automatically;
⑦ The operation is simple and convenient;
⑧ Applicable to a variety of placement machine

Economic Benefits.
① To reduce the cost of the suction nozzle;
Use NC-12P-2 cleaning machine can clean the too dirty solution nozzle very well,to prolong the nozzle life。
② To reduce unnecessary Artificial labors;
As the machine clean full automatically,the machine complete the whole process by itself,so there is no need
person in charge of it。
③ To reduce the defective rate of products effectively,improve SMT productivity;
The dirty and uneven suction nozzle may easy make the production line cast material or mount shift,and cause
the poor welding。Use this cleaning machine,it can keep the suction nozzle always new,greatly improve the
production efficiency。

Specifications :
Compressed Air : 0.5 ~ 0.65 Mpa
Jet Pressure : 0.55 Mpa
Cleaning Fluid Storage capacity : 2000 CC
Fluid Consumption : 200 CC/h
Fluid type : De-ionised Water
Power supply : AC 220 ~ 240 V
Power Consumption : lower than 0.2kw
Try Specifications : 12 slot ( all type of Nozzles )

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