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Stencil Cleaning


Stencil Cleaning system

Unicomp Technology is established in Shenzhen since 2002 , it is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in research and development and manufacturing of Automatic Stencil Cleaning equipments. The technology and equipment are widely used in high-tech industries such as electronic semiconductors, Automotive Electronics, Consumer electronics, Energy & Power Electronics, and others.
Our Product Features are :

Stencil Size736 x 736 x 40 mm
Machine ApplicationCleaning of leftover Solder paste, Glue ,deposit
Cleaning time4 – 6 min
Cleaning Liquid capacityMax 40 Ltr , Min 20 Ltr
Dry time4 – 8 min
Filtering levels20μm , 10μm , 5μm , 1μm
SolventIPA, alcohol and water-based solvent


Stencil Cleaning Machine1

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