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TH/Radial Component Insertion

panasonic machine

Panasonic’s RL132 high-speed radial lead component insertion machine offers generation-ahead technology in a spatially-efficient footprint. The RL132’s combination of 25,700cph (.14s/component) insertion rates, board processing sizes up to 650 x 381mm, a 33% reduction in PCB transfer time, up to 18% reduction in electrical and air consumption per insertion and an improved perishable parts lifespan results in a very low cost of ownership. This through-hole machine features a 4 pitch span and is configurable with 40 or 80 components inputs. Meanwhile, its dual split carriage enables machine function at exchange mode and parts replenishment during production. Plus exhaust detection and full auto-recovery allow for non-stop productivity

High Speed Radial Lead Component Insertion Machine

1. High-speed Insertion at 0.14 s/Component

Either one of 2-Pitch, 3-Pitch, 4-Pitch can be selected for insertion pitch.

2. Hole Position offset method ensures high reliability

Recognising the positions of all the holes in the insertion are, the machine corrects the component position based on the optimum insetion position calculated, ensuring reliable insertion.

3. Reduced running Cost

Expandable parts of the RL132 such as the Anvil blade, pusher rubber are compatible with those of the RHS2B and RL131.

Specification :

Board handling size :                    Standard 508 x381 mm, optional 650 x 381 mm

# of Component inputs :              40 inputs and 80 inputs configuration available

Applicable Insertion pitch :          2.5 / 5.00 mm standard , 7.5 / 10 mm optional

Insertion Direction :                      360 ° direction by 1 ° increment

Radial Insertion

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